RED sitting next to Alta.jpg
Inspire 1 Pro Aston Martin DB11

UAV Drone Pilot for Television Drama

Aerial Motion Pictures has the technology and experience to fly for all kinds of Television Productions, whether it is for Newsreels, TV Drama or Documentary. Our drones are able to fly RED cameras, ALEXA MINI and the Sony FS7 with full remote 3 axis lens control and HD down link for the Cinematographer and Director.

Our recommended and preferred aircraft is the Freefly Alta 8, combined with our FREEFLY MOVI M15 gimbal and enhanced CAA permissions, our teams can capture superb imagery that surpasses other commercial drone operators.

If the shot required does not require high end broadcast quality for Film and TV, we also have the option to shoot 4K with our Inspire 1 Pro, perfect for most broadcast productions.

We can fly with our in house production cameras, or if you prefer, we can fly the production camera to ensure production is kept streamlined.