MoVI Operator

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3-axis digital stabilised camera gimbal

The handheld 3-axis digital stabilised camera gimbal MoVI M15 redefines the possibilities for camera movement.

The heart of the gimbal is Freefly’s proprietary high performance IMU and brushless direct drive system. The gimbal is 100% custom designed in-house by freefly’s engineering team. The MoVI rig requires experience and expertise and our technicians will take care of the balancing, wireless operation of the gimbal and its correct handling.

The rig is provided with no camera or lenses. You will need to contact us to discuss what combination you want.

We can operate the MoVI M15 with wireless 3 axis lens control and the Teradek Bolt 2000, a zero delay wireless video system that transmits uncompressed 1080p60, 4:2:2 video up to 2000ft.