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UAV Drone Pilot for Live Events

Aerial Motion Pictures Ltd(AMP) are the industry leaders in approved commercial UAV training and flight operations. Their experienced pilots come from military and model flying backgrounds with many years within the industry flying for clients such as the BBC, large TV dramas such as ‘Midsomer Murders’ and feature films including ‘The Edge of Tomorrow’. Combined with experienced camera and gimbal operators AMP are able to achieve the client’s vision in the safest, most professional manner possible.

In the summer of 2016, AMP were tasked by a Client to conduct aerial work utilising a heavy-lift aircraft in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This involved liaison with a number of external agencies, including the UK CAA in order to gain additional exemptions due to the complex nature of the site.

Having conducted numerous commercial commissions with permissions to fly in congested areas under reduced regulatory limitations, AMP have a strong record of safe operations and a relationship and reputation with the Civil Aviation Authority that stands above all others. They continue to operate under these reduced permissions and are the industry forerunners with regards to aircraft selection, deployment and requirements for operating in unusual, complex and demanding scenarios.

Allied to the continual training, development and operational evaluation of AMP flight crews both in house and whilst conducting commercial work, AMP offer truly professional and safe UAV operations where others simply cannot.