Heavy Lift Drones

We don't do things by halves. We specialise in operating some of the most powerful unmanned aircraft on the market, including the Intuitive Aerial Aerigon and Freefly ALTA 8.

Capable of carrying up to 8kg, we can launch and wirelessly operate a vast range of payloads that were previously confined to the ground, cranes or helicopters. 

We always operate with dual operator setups and come with a full operations team.

The possibilities in industries such as cinematography are huge. We can carry and operate the latest cameras, no matter the weight, to capture dynamic shots that have been impossible until now, in spectacular quality. This means we can fly cameras like the Red Dragon, the ARRI Mini, the Canon C Series, high-speed cameras (Phantom etc.) and many others. We have remote 3 axis lens control including follow focus capability.

Directors and cinematographers can shoot with the gear they choose and be confident that they are getting the best quality, most reliable hardware on the market. 

The heavy lift drones are the only way to go if you want to fly the very best cameras and get the best footage possible.