Why should you choose Fly ICARUS Drone Training?

Get your Drone Licence

At Fly ICARUS you will be taught by ex-military pilots, with an incredible amount of experience flying full-size helicopters, heavy-lift drones that are capable of carrying Red Cameras as well as competence in flying within the 0-7kg category.  The team at Fly ICARUS hold a vast array of skills and knowledge and with Cineflow Production Company being based on site, this includes film, photography and production insight too.

Not only is Fly ICARUS the UK’s first CAA approved independent Drone Training School but it also teaches a range of courses. We have recently become partnered with organisations such as; Lantra and NFTS (National Film and Television School) to be able to teach a variety of courses from different industries. This means that each ICARUS Candidate can choose the course which is best suited for them. Whether you are interested in UAVs for Agriculture or Mapping or for Cinematic Filming…. Or if you haven’t decided how to adapt your hobby to a career, we are here to guide you through every step of the way!

Our ‘Fast Track’ Course the ICARUS PRO will take you through all of the theory training and the flight assessment, it will also include your Night Approval Course and you will receive a bespoke Operations Manual!

We are the longest running NQE and have recognised status and accreditation from the CAA (Aerial Motion Pictures Ltd.) Having taught over 500 Students since the beginning of 2017 alone, Fly ICARUS has been teaching candidates with all skill levels from; complete novices, confident hobbyists, to ex-military and airline pilots, for a few years now. 

If you have NEVER picked up a drone, we are here for YOU! We offer pre-flight training, with experienced instructors to give you the boost of confidence you need, when you first start flying. We are often asked – ‘do I need to have flown a drone before I book on to an ICARUS Course?’ and the answer is no! Obviously you will not be able to complete your practical test until you have, but actually some people like to do the theory side and then go off independently and learn to fly. The course itself is a very good guideline for what to expect in your test and often candidates like to have a chat with the instructor to get an idea of what drone to buy and what they need to practice!

As well as being one of the longest running NQEs we are also one of very few Drone Training schools that has a permanent full time office base. You can call us any time Monday – Friday 9 – 5 and you can book in to come in for a casual chat over coffee if you want to meet the team first! We are based just outside of Oxford so if you’re ever in the area, stop by, we would love to meet you! Being based in Oxford means we are not far from main travel links and we are also only an hour outside of London.

Why choose Fly ICARUS?

  • The First UK’s Independent Commercial Drone Training School
  • CAA accredited and approved with National Qualified Entity (NQE) status
  • Designed by Military Helicopter Pilots
  • Delivered by leading drone operators and ex-military pilots with thousands of manning hours behind them.
  • Courses designed specifically for different sectors of the Drone Industry
  • Partnered with Lantra 
  • Partnered with NFTS (National Film and Television School) for UK’s First Aerial Cinematography and Media Course.
  • Over 500 students trained since 2017 alone
  • Course running weekly in over seven locations including; Scotland, Lancashire, Shropshire, Liverpool, Oxford (Near London) 
  • Permanent Company base with full-time working hours (Mon - Fri 9/5) 
  • Full time reception with the team always available for enquires and advise
  • Complete your Drone Course in 2 or 3 days
  • Pre-flight training available for complete novices
  • First time submissions completed and sent off to the CAA on your behalf
  • Reasonably priced with NO hidden fees 

Taught Courses include:

[All Courses below included the Theory Training and Practical Assessment in the price so that each candidate can earn their PfCO (Permissions for Commercial Operation) The Flight test is a separate day,  mutually agreed upon, which is bookable upon the completion of the theory side of the course.]

ICARUS Standard - £999 inc. VAT

ICARUS Pro - £1699 inc. VAT

ICARUS Lantra New - £999 inc. VAT

ICARUS NFTS New - £1499 inc. VAT


Extra Courses

Night Approval - £499 inc. VAT

Pre Flight Training (For beginners) - £240 inc. VAT

Flight Training - £240 inc. VAT


Coming Soon: Keep an eye out for announcements of new courses including a specialist Ebee Course and Learn How to Use Pix 4D!

 You can also have a look at our BLOG PAGE to read first hand accounts/testimonial about  our candidates experiences with ICARUS Drone Training.  Also check out our #FeedbackFriday on Facebook 

Are you ready to take the next step towards your future? Ready to turn your drone hobby in to a career? Aerial Motion Pictures is home of the UK's First Independent Drone Training School Fly ICARUS. Want to find our more about our courses? - Go to www.flyicarus.co.uk or call us on 0845 450 9300 / 01491 526 700 !

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