What are the best drones for the surveying industry?

With the surveying and inspection industry booming as they start to use cutting-edge technology we thought we'd put a little list together of our favourite drones for these kind of jobs. 

1.    senseFly eBee SQ: The eBee series has been a popular choice for farmers, and the biggest selling point is the company's proprietary eMotion software, which makes designing a flight plan incredibly simple. The drone boasts the ability to capture 500 acres of footage in a single flight. 

2.   DJI Matrice 100: Dual batteries in this drone allow for a 40-minute flight time. It also packs the standard suite of DJI systems, such as GPS and flight controller. 

3.   AscTec Falcon:  For your projects the octocopter offers unprecedented precision and safety with the reliable AscTec High-Performance GPS and the new control unit AscTec Trinity. It weighs in at a mere, world-class 2.3 kilograms of takeoff weight and works with maximum efficiency in the air – on- & offshore, even in challenging conditions.

4. Yuneec Typhoon H: With the new CGO-ET
Dual-sensor Thermal and Visual light camera the Typhoon H is a cost effective drone, safe and easy to use all-in-one solution for many applications such as Emergency response, Police and Civilian Defence, Intelligence gathering, Construction, Agriculture, Forestry, Fire Fighting and Search and Rescue operations. While the infra-red camera measures the temperature in the image and indicates relative temperature differences, the low light RGB camera has a light sensitivity twenty times higher than the human eye and takes detailed shots even in low light conditions.

What are your thoughts? - Is there a drone not listed that you are using for your commercial work that you can recommend to fellow pilots? - If so, leave us a comment below! 

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