[URGENT] Updates to fees to the CAA for submissions

This is just a quick post that we wanted to share with you based on our most recent experiences with submissions to the CAA for both initial (first time) submission, renewals and variations (night flying). 

As of 1st April the CAA has changed the fees:

Initial Submission: £173

Variation Submission (e.g Add Night Rating) : £173

Renewal Submission: £130 

We just wanted to confirm these figures as the variation figure up until recently was £56 and it is important that candidates applying are aware of the changes!

As far as our Fly ICARUS Drone Training Courses are concerned this means that by choosing to complete our ICARUS PRO Course over our ICARUS Standard Course you are able to do your night approval alongside your initial submission. Although you can, of course, add on your night approval at anytime you will still have to pay another fee of £173 to submit it. This means that in theory by doing it all at the same time you are saving yourself having to pay out that money again!

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