Snapchat Recently Acquired a Drone Company: Flying snaps are coming!

Following its first foray into hardware last year, Snap Inc. now appears to be making moves into the drone industry, having just acquired Crtl Me Robotics, and LA-based drone company.

Industry analysts believe that the company intends to develop its own drone, which may compete directly with the recently-announced DJI Spark, and will be its second hardware offering.

According to The Verge, Snap Inc. has been planning a move into drones for some time, having made enquiries last year into purchasing Lily Robotics, the manufacturers of a friendly-faced selfie drone. Lily Robotics shut its doors in January amid controversial reports of unfulfilled preorders.

Ctrl Me, by contrast, developed custom drones for use in film production, and was acquired by Snap late last year. The deal cost Snap less than a million dollars and they brought Crtl Me founder Simon Nielsen into the fold. It's likely he’ll now head up development of a Snapchat Drone. Spectacles were also developed as a result of an acquisition  of a company called Vergence Labs in 2014.

Although the Snapchat Spectacles were well received upon release last year, selling around 60,000 units, Snap is still far from profitability according to a recent earnings call. Just $8 million of its $150 million revenue was earned from Spectacles in its first quarter this year, but based on the recent acquisition of Ctrl Me, CEO Evan Spiegel appears to be keen to double down on hardware.

We are definitely interested to see how the new 'Snap Chat Drone' compares with the leading developers and creators of commercial drones, DJI. With pocket drones such as the DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Spark filming in 4K, we wonder how Snap Chat will be able to compete with these? 

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[Disclaimer] This information is correct as of May 2017 - Aerial Motion Picture Ltd. 

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