Introducing the NEW DJI Spark! - All you need to know!

DJI has unveiled its smallest and most affordable drone to date. The Spark is priced starting from £519 and is roughly the same size (without the non-foldable arms) and weight as a can of coke!

With a flight time of 16 minutes per charge, the quadcopter has a top speed of 50 km/h and a transmission distance of up to 2 kilometres. A two-axis mechanical gimbal controls a 1/2.3” sensor, 12-megapixels camera that can capture Full HD 1080p footage at 30fps. Added technology helps reduce shake and rolling shutter effect.

The mini drone was unveiled to much fanfare at an event in New York and it is available in five colours; sky blue, meadow green, lava red, alpine white and sunrise yellow. The Spark features a quick takeoff mode so it can be launched from the palm of your hand, and talking of hands, this amazing new device can be manoeuvre using simple hand gestures - yes, you read that correctly. The DJI Spark will then track the movement of its pilot, a feat that drew gasps from the crowds when demonstrated at the launch event. Extended features can be accessed using a smartphone and the DJI apps.

Aimed at making creating movies easier, the Spark includes a new feature called Quickshots, which enables a set of automated movements that will place the drone correctly to capture cinematic angles. Once a path has been completed, the Spark will edit a minute’s footage down into ten seconds of footage that you can share immediately.

What's more, the DJI GO 4 app enable you to edit and colour grade the footage straight from your phone using filters, rather than needing to head home, remove the SD card, edit in software and so on.

You can watch the whole of the launch event in the video below.

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[Disclaimer] This information is correct as of May 2017 - Aerial Motion Picture Ltd. 

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