AZURE NIRVANA: ICARUS Ambassador on the Isle of Wight


Isle of Wight

Have you ever wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and find the perfect summer getaway to fit your budget? Well, you do not have to go all the way to the sandy beaches of Spain and Portugal when you can hop in the car for a two-hour drive south from London and visit the lovely and full of surprises Isle of Wight. I have recently visited the island during the weekend and I have not been disappointed at all. There’s plenty to do depending on your desires – visit the Needles and the Old battery for spectacular and breathtaking scenery on the west coast or get lost in history behind the walls of the medieval Carisbrooke castle. In case the aforementioned are not your cup of tea and you are more likely to appreciate a weekend on the beach and enjoy the sunshine then visit the outstanding sandy beaches of Ryde and Sandown. If you are a great animal lover, why not visit the Sandown zoo where you can see one of the most majestic animals in world – big cats.

My journey started on a Friday afternoon and after a fairly quick drive down to Portsmouth I jumped on the hovercraft and made it to the island in 15 minutes. Being a sunny afternoon, the sun started to set and could not help but notice the lovely view towards Portsmouth, which from my point of view looked like a Japanese megapolis with the Spinnaker tower being the highlight. The weather forecast has been promising and there have been blue skies for miles over the whole time I spent there. Throughout the next two days I have managed to visit most of the attractions I have already mentioned in first paragraph.

Getting around the Isle of Wight meant I had to drive which most of you may associate with congestions and traffic but there were hardly any vehicles on the roads and this took me by surprise as well as the sheer size of this hidden and remote gem. Another feature that adds to the charm of the island is the fact that it feels very remote, due to the fact that the only way to reach it is by either a hovercraft or ferry, despite being so close to the rest of the country. Currently there is no bridge between this tiny paradise - off the South Coast and the mainland hence eliminating the risk of being overcrowded and keeping its genuine magic. Hopefully by this time I’ve managed to convince you to go for a trip and enjoy what the island has to offer. If you are still in doubt I will let the following photo speak for itself.

It was Sunday afternoon and my visit was about to end. As I have been waiting for the next hovercraft to arrive and sitting on a bench nearby the terminal, I have noticed a view which makes you forget about all your worries and ultimately encourages you to appreciate nature in its purest form. The view in question is Ryde pier, sun-kissed and situated between the azure waters. The first thing that came to my mind was to get the drone and try to get a shot of this beauty. I had to adjust the shutter speed because of the amount of light that has been available. I wanted the photo to reflect the nearly 700 metres long pier stand out from the vast amount of water around it. The photo has only been edited using Lightroom to add a bit more contrast and liveliness to the colours which made the photo more cinematic.

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