GoPro Karma - More than a drone


The GoPro Karma drone is finally here. Their long awaited entrance into the drone market was announced on Monday and in CEO Nick Woodman's words "it's so much more than a drone".

After months of delays, speculation and investor worry, GoPro needed to reveal something strong. Hopefully these worries are put to rest by the positive reaction to the innovative drone. It's foldable with a much lower profile (only 3.5 inches when folded) than competing drones, as the camera and gimbal are mounted on the front. But this isn't the best part about it - the stabiliser detaches and can be used handheld or mounted to any of the GoPro mounts on helmets, bikes, cars or yourself. The stabilisation is truly impressive on every mount, and works with the Hero 4 Black and concurrently announced Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session.

The included controller features a super-bright screen that is optimised for outdoor use, meaning you don't have to worry about remembering your tablet or phone and cables. The new GoPro Passenger App even allows a friend to view and control the camera from a smartphone or tablet while you focus on flying. For a price tag of £719.99, this is some seriously impressive tech.

The 1kg drone fly for approximately 20 minutes on a 1-hour charge, and is built in a way to allow easy repairs and replacements. It can reach a maximum speed of 35mph and has a range of 1000m. Like DJI, GoPro are building in geofenced No-Fly Zones in an attempt to keep you out of trouble, and a simple land button will bring the drone back to you or the launch location from wherever it is.

Check out some images videos from GoPro about their Karma Drone, Karma Grip and Karma Controller, and find out more on their website here. The GoPro Karma will be available from October 23 with a number of packages where you can save on the cost of a new GoPro Hero camera.

What do you think of the GoPro Karma? Is it a real competitor against the DJI Phantom range? Get in touch!

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