Drones to give prospective home-buyers birds-eye view of neighbourhoods

Thinking about a career change? Technological advances have given estate agents, homebuyers and home sellers the ability to review a 360-degree view of the inside of a residence to take a house-viewing to the next level. 

That same perspective will be provided soon for the outside through video shot from drones for more and more neighbourhoods and developments.

The use of drone filming is a fresh and updated way to shop the real estate market. The videos provide a holistic view of the area and a feel for what the communities offer in the context of their location. Some real-estate companies that have posted YouTube videos include in their marketing pitch that a drone video or picture can enhance the value of properties, such as by showing them adjacent to a body of water.

Rather than looking at front and back photos of new homes, visitors are able to get a 360-degree view of a home and all of its surroundings, along with nearby amenities from schools to grocery stores and coffee shops. 

Right now, without the benefit of a drone, about the only way one can see into this third dimension is via a Google Earth satellite view — which leaves much to be desired. Taking the drone’s eye view gives the viewer the best of both worlds — front and top - The inherent motion of the drone results in better communication of information. We must not forget that aerials are only possible for houses in non-congested areas and in accordance with the UK CAA Dronecode so, unfortunately not EVERY property will be able to be filmed. 

This is definitely an exciting new area to break in to and it could be the beginnings of virtual buying and selling. Obviously you will still be-able to view properties in the physical world, however, a buyer is definitely able to experience the building in full (some would argue more so) before they make a decision on the property. Property is just one area which is being advanced through the use of Drone Technology - If you're thinking about getting your commercial license and want o have a chat, give us a call! 

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