DJI’s Ronin 2 is Here - Watch What It Can Do!

Not content with ruling the world of drones with its Phantom and Inspire rangeDJI also proved to be a game-changer with camera stabilisers, too. The DJI Ronin was impressive, but now DJI has announced the launch of its successor, the Ronin 2, by sharing footage of what can be achieved with this three-axis camera stabiliser system.

Building on the foundations of the original, the Ronin 2 boasts more power and torque so that larger camera and lens pairings can be attached and used to capture seamlessly stable footage. In fact, the 50mm extendable arms can now support a payload up to 30 pounds! The premium class stabilisation technology even works when the Ronin 2 is travelling at speed, and DJI quotes the gimbal is effective when travelling at up to 75mph.

Other new features in the fresh design include a detachable grip and a new two-axis mode for mounting to steadicams is set to open up new creative possibilities for filmmakers. Plus, because there is a quick-release mount, users can switch from one set-up to the next speedily - perfect for busy news shooters. Also new for the Ronin 2 are freshly designed locking levers for improved balance, and an integrated touchscreen to allow direct configuration of the gimbal settings. The motor is splashproof for peace of mind and the dual, hot-swappable batteries mean you can run the unit continuously without having to power down.

Pricing will be announced when the Ronin 2 units go on sale, which is expected to be from June 2017, but just what can this piece of image stabilising fine-art do for your videography? Well, grab some popcorn and check out the short film made with the Ronin 2 below…

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