DJI Z3 - Get Closer

DJI, the world’s leading aerial-imaging company, on Thursday announced the Zenmuse Z3, DJI’s first integrated aerial zoom camera optimised for still photography.

The new camera weighs 262-gram and boasts up to a 7x zoom via a 3.5x optical zoom, combined with 2x digital zoom. This gives the Z3 an effective zoom range of 22 - 77mm (f2.8 - f5.2).

“The Zenmuse Z3 pushes the possibilities of use for industrial applications,” said Senior Product Manager Paul Pan. “Before this camera, the only way to zoom in on a subject or object was to fly closer to it. Now, pilots in a search-and-rescue situation, or conducting surveys or inspections, can maintain distance and still zoom in for sharp, detailed images.”

It features the same Sony 1/2.3-inch sensor that is found on the Inspire 1 and the Phantom 4. It can shoot still RAW images at 12 megapixels and video at up to 30 FPS in 4k resolution. 

Flight time with the Zenmuse Z3 is up to 19 minutes on the Inspire 1. Pilots can extend flight time up to 30 minutes with the dual-battery-equipped M100 and up to 39 minutes with the M600.