Creativity and Innovation at it's finest - The 'Poorman's' Drone Shots - Genius!

Nicolas Vuignier is one of the most innovative ski filmmaker in the business today.

He’s created a futuristic, slow-motion centrifuge edit that amassed 4 million views by tying an iPhone to a sling. He’s used black chalk pigment clouds to turn a ski edit into a piece of fine art that resembled a Rorshach test of sorts. (Below)

'This is a project I’ve had in the back of my head for quite some time,” Vuignier wrote in the description of the video, which premiered on the website Nowness. “Having seen other filmmakers experimenting with natural pigments, I knew there was room for another visually interesting experiment.'

To create the dreamlike edit, Vuignier had the skiers release black ochres — naturally occurring, dust-like pigments found in the earth — which created plumes of black smoke behind them skier as they soared through the sky.

Vuignier decided to name his new video “PBK1” — the color index name for for the aniline black pigment used in filming.

While it seems like camera manufacturers are in an arms race to create the newest and greatest in high-end filming technology (see GoPro’s new Karma drone), pro freeskier Nicolas Vuignier decided to create his latest edit in a decidedly low-tech fashion.

Attaching an iPhone to a sling and spinning it above his head like a centrifuge, Vuignier achieved a constantly rotating point of view in the video which he titled “Centriphone.”

He is, in the words of POWDER, a self-made skier for the selfie generation.

To compile the 135 seconds of footage, Vuignier shirked the ease of using expensive new-age drones in favour of a device called the AER. The AER looks more like an old-school Nerf football than a piece of cutting edge film equipment, and the fact that the camera hits Vuignier multiple times while he is mid-air or sliding on a rail probably reveals that fact.

But, at the end of the day, the AER only costs $54 and seems like a durable, easy way for someone to get some aerial shots. And apparently — if you’re willing to put in the effort — you can create a pretty quality ski edit using one.

This guy is definitely very inventive, it is interesting to see how people are transcending in to the world of Aerials. Something as simple as using a black pigmented powder can really transform the look of a more standard aerial shot. it is this creativity which will really set you apart from the rest of drone pilots out there and it is something you can put in to your showreel. 

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