Aerial Filming in Padang bai, Bali, Idonesia: Tips and tricks from ICARUS Ambassador!

Padang bai, Bali, Indonesia

 Photo by Ivan Todorov 

Photo by Ivan Todorov 

The photo you are about to see below has been taken on a recent trip to Bali, Indonesia but first

I will discuss how I happened to be at the right place at the right time to take this amazing aerial

photo of one of the most iconic beaches of Bali.

Arriving after a long distance flight, I was quite tired but somehow managed to save some

energy and meet up with my friends, who happen to live on this tiny piece of heaven, for

traditional food and beer. After a short discussion we decided that we would visit one of the

famous temples on day 2 (photos in the next blog post) whereas on the third day we would set

up on a mini adventure trip to Whitesand and Blue Lagoon beaches situated on the Eastern

Balinese coast. My Mavic Pro has been fully charged up and ready to capture the greatest

views I’ve probably ever witnessed in my life.

The journey from where I stayed was only about 20 miles but it took us about hour and a half on

a motorbike. You may think we have been riding at a snail’s pace but traffic is hectic and you

have to be very careful so that you do not get involved in an accident. After a snorkelling

expedition with a local off the coast I managed to have a better look around the aforementioned

beaches and plan what exactly I wanted to capture.

I wanted to capture the sharp contrast between the beach and the mainland jungle, which totally

resembles one of Indiana Jones’ movies, and how each stands out and has its own charm.

Since I wanted to capture some boats, both Whitesand and Blue Lagoon beaches have not

been suitable as they are tiny and you cannot really see the same number of boats you can see

in my photo. Consequently, I decided to go to Padang bai beach which is also a tiny port

between the two beaches with a ferry terminal, making it an ideal spot to take the shot. With a

bit of help from one my friends I managed to take off from the Northern side of the beach with

plenty of space between the drone and the boats without breaking the Indonesian drone law

which is similar to the law in the UK with the exception of height. You are allowed to fly up to

150 metres as long as you keep the drone in sight. With regards to the settings on the drone I

have only increased the shutter speed slightly to take the photo. Lightroom and the VSCO app

have been used to edit the photo and increase the wow effect.


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