8 Ways to Stay Motivated in Aerial Photography!

Everyone hits a point in their photography and film career where you can start to feel like you’re stuck on a complete plateau. Everything you take feels the same and you can’t seem to find inspiration anywhere. It's a frustrating creative block, but it’s not as hard as you think to motivate yourself through it. Here are a few things that you can try:


1. Start a project

There are so many projects online varying from week-long photographic quests to year-long missions. These can be a great way of presenting you with unusual subjects and making you think outside the box. A project can also help you to develop a routine for shooting and bring it into your every-day life.


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2. Join a club

There are so many opportunities to join photographic communities, be it in person or online. They can offer a great platform for you to meet new people, try different techniques or go interesting places. This environment is great for you to think critically about your own work, and give feedback on others’ work, too. Hearing other photographers’ constructive advice about your images can offer you a wealth of new opportunities for seeing things from an alternative point of view.


3. Take a trip

With anything, a change of scenery can be refreshing – photography’s no exception. Doing this can offer you a new situation with a completely fresh outlook, coupled with the excitement that travel always brings. It’ll offer a world of different culture for you to capture and, you’ll also appreciate the small details that can be overlooked when you’re accustomed to a place. Obviously you will need to check the drone rules and regulations of that country and the area you’ll be in, if you travel abroad!



4. Try a new subject

Much like a location becoming stagnant, it’s easy to feel like your subject can get stagnant too. If you’re a landscape photographer, try shooting a series aerials using people or activities, and vice versa. You can also try to capture things that you wouldn’t usually, like if you do a hobby, take your camera along and shoot it. You can get stuck shooting the same thing over and over, or editing something in the same way every time – make a conscious decision to try things you’ve never done before.


5. Explore new forms

For me, when I feel like I’m stuck in a rut, I always dig out my old Canon AE-1 and shoot film for a while. Film feels like a completely different art and can stop you feeling like you’re working and more like you’re playing again. Completely changing how you shoot can offer a whole different experience, and alter the way you think about taking your images.


6. Use some new gear

There’s nothing more exciting than unboxing a new piece of kit that you just can’t wait to get out and use. Treating yourself to some new gear can spark your lost enthusiasm for shooting, and it can allow you to try out some alternative techniques with what you’ve bought. There are some great bits and pieces on the DJI website, however if you can’t afford new kit, maybe try flying with a friend as they may have an interesting outlook or idea for you to try.


7. Shoot memories not great shots

It’s easy to get caught up on always getting the perfect shot – we all strive to capture the most photographically perfect image possible, but sometimes this can really attribute to our rut. Photography is a means of recording, so take a step back, and only capture memories for a while. Use your drone camera at a party or on a family day out and shoot images of family and friends that you’ll look back on in years and laugh or smile, rather than getting held up on minor details and technicalities of your photos.


8. Remind yourself why you do it

Once upon a time you were motivated to pick up a camera and start shooting for the first time - getting back into it will never be as hard as that again. Think back to why - why do you do this? Why did you start? What do I achieve by this? How does it benefit my life? Taking your mind back to the purpose of why you started shooting, can often be a great way to make you want to start again.

We hope this helps!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to drop us a call on 01491 526 700 / 0845 450 9300.

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