The growing use of drones within the film industry

Not only for sports and news coverage, commercial drones are now increasingly being used for another relatively new frontier: film making. Aerial filming in movie production can provide audiences with more spectacular views than ever before. Now, celebrated television series and Oscar winning films are being captured with the help of this exciting, yet controversial new technology.

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5 Apps that will help you become a more confident drone pilot

Looking for tools to help pilot your new drone or additional information to help you control it better? Luckily for you, there are dozens of apps for new and old drone pilots to help them pilot and manage their air time.

However, to help navigate through the numerous drone pilot apps on your desired marketplace, let’s take a look at five top apps that will make you the drone master.

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How are drones transforming weather forecasting?

Drones, or Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV), can now be used for aerial inspection to property surveillance, but can they also save lives? Drones are better able to predict storm forces than traditional methods, and that ability can be lifesaving when severe weather strikes. They could play an integral role in forecasting and relaying the most accurate information to scientists and the public. Meanwhile, the steady improvement of drones will increase the amount of weather data they can collect. Drones are set to be the (better) weather forecasters of the future, and here we’ll explore the reasons for it.

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Why should you choose Fly ICARUS Drone Training?

Not only is Fly ICARUS the UK’s first CAA approved independent Drone Training School but it also teaches a range of courses. We have recently become partnered with organisations such as; Lantra and NFTS (National Film and Television School) to be able to teach a variety of courses from different industries. This means that each ICARUS Candidate can choose the best suited course for them. Whether you are interested in UAVs for Agriculture or Mapping or for Cinematic Filming…. Or if you haven’t decided how to adapt your hobby to a career, we are here to guide you every step of the way!

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Skinterface’s New High-Tech Suit Lets You Feel Things In Virtual Reality
  • Imagine wearing a suit that lets you feel in virtual reality.
  • Right now virtual reality requires donning a pair of goggles.
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  • A group of graduate students at London’s Royal College of Art have created Skinterface, a suit that allows wearers to experience a range of physical sensations on the skin.
  • The tactile technology relies on the vibration of soundwaves, which emanate from tiny nodes that are embedded all across the skinsuit.
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Creativity and Innovation at it's finest - The 'Poorman's' Drone Shots - Genius!

This guy is definitely very inventive; it is interesting to see how cameramen are transcending their filming in to the world of aerials. Something as simple as using a black pigmented powder can really transform the look of a more standard aerial shot. it is this creativity which will really set you apart from the rest of drone pilots out there and it is something you can put in to your showreel. 

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Snapchat Recently Acquired a Drone Company: Flying snaps are coming!

Following its first foray into hardware last year, Snap Inc. now appears to be making moves into the drone industry, having just acquired Crtl Me Robotics, and LA-based drone company.

Industry analysts believe that the company intends to develop its own drone, which may compete directly with the recently-announced DJI Spark, and will be its second hardware offering....

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8 Ways to Stay Motivated in Aerial Photography!

Everyone hits a point in their photography and film career where you can start to feel like you’re stuck on a complete plateau. Everything you take feels the same and you can’t seem to find inspiration anywhere. It's a frustrating creative block, but it’s not as hard as you think to motivate yourself through it. Here are a few things that you can try......

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