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Stunning Aerial Film & Video

Although Aerial Film & Video is our speciality, we can so so much more. We have the skills and equipment required to deliver a full video package on the ground, supported with aerials. Shooting in beautiful 4K, we can edit and deliver for you so you don't have to go anywhere else. We can also work with your chosen production company or provide you with the clean raw footage for your own use.


We have a broad range of equipment that helps us deliver:

  • Upto 5.2K Aerial Film at ProRes 4444XQ or Cinema DNG

  • Interchangeable lenses to change perspective

  • 21MP Still Imagery on set

  • Hand held stabilisation equipment with our MOVI and Ronin

From photographs to promote your products or services to corporate videos we can help.


Why choose aerial motion pictures?

You can work with the pilots who train other drone pilots through our ICARUS course. All of our UAV pilots are Instructors with years of experience in the Aerial data delivery industry.

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Specialists in Aerial Film & Photography

We have the experience and expertise to deliver quality aerial photography and video for your project.

3D Imagery

We can create 3D models from aerial and ground based images that you can apply to your surveying needs or Virtual Reality platforms

Drone Training

We can train you or you company to become fully certified Drone pilots through our ICARUS course. Take advantage of our industry know-how and expertise.

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