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The leading specialists in aerial cinematography, with a world-class reputation in image stabilisation, filming in all environments. From helicopters equipped with CineFlex systems to Shotover U1 super-heavy lift drones flying RED, ALEXA and 360 cinema cameras; AMP have the tools, knowledge and expertise to deliver productions, safely and cost effectively.

Aerial Motion Pictures was founded by Matt Williams, a former military helicopter pilot and Instructor/Examiner with 1800+ hours TT in various types, both Single Pilot, Single Turbine and Multi-Crew, Multi Engine Turbine. 

We're proud to hold exclusive permissions for our aircraft, thanks to our experience training and certifying over 500 operators in the last year.


The Team

Matt Williams Managing Director & Chief Pilot

Matt Williams
Managing Director & Chief Pilot

Nat Williams Managing Director

Nat Williams
Managing Director

Gail Restrick Operations Director; Training

Gail Restrick
Operations Director; Training

Adam Georgiou Production Manager

Adam Georgiou
Production Manager

Tom Pattison Deputy Chief Instructor & Pilot

Tom Pattison
Deputy Chief Instructor & Pilot

Lauren Baker Operations Manager

Lauren Baker
Operations Manager

Ella Shepard Receptionist

Ella Shepard


Enhanced Permissions

We were the first independent CAA-approved provider of commercial drone training and certification in the UK.

Aerial Motion Pictures conducts aerial work under an Operating Safety Case (OSC) which allows us to operate by day and by night down to as little as 5 meters from persons and property not under our control; the highest level of permission issued by the CAA within the UK.

This allows us to operate UAVs in areas where other companies cannot.

Please be aware, all UK operators working for commercial gain, require a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). When hiring an operator, you should always ask to see their PfCO, Operations Manual and Insurance to ensure they are operating legally.

If you require further information, please contact us on +44 (0)845 450 9300

or email info@aerialmotionpictures.co.uk